Alumni Stories

CAA School Safety Patrollers can meet new people and experience new things every time they put on their safety vests. So what do our former CAA School Safety Patrollers remember about their time in service? We reconnected with a few alumni who shared their incredible stories – from meeting Queen Elizabeth to potentially saving a life.

Below, former CAA School Safety Patrollers share their favourite memories with us.

Paul Attard (London, Ontario)

The most memorable moment for Paul was having lunch with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip! After saving a girl from running into a busy street, he received a citation from the Governor General. During the Queen’s visit to London, Ontario, Paul was invited to line the route as she walked through Victoria Park. The Queen and Prince approached Paul to ask about the School Safety Patrol badge he was wearing, and then invited him to a lunch at Centennial Hall with other dignitaries.

Alan Shiozaki (North York, Ontario)

Alan stopped a 5-year-old boy from darting onto a busy street. As a result of his heroic effort, he was awarded the CAA School Safety Patrol Lifesaving Medal from Governor General Roland Michener, at Rideau Hall in 1970.

Jean Peacock Chow (Guelph, Ontario)

Jean attended the 1969 Ottawa Jamboree, with her father, who was a Guelph police officer and oversaw the School Safety Patrol program. Her dad also ran a week-long camp for Patrollers, at which Jean volunteered during high school. Jean’s grandfather was also a cook at the camp – that’s three generations of Jean’s family contributing to the program in Guelph!

Patrick Mothersill (Oshawa, Ontario)

Patrick attended the Ottawa Jamboree during the 1963/64 school year, and proudly marched in the School Safety Patroller parade on the Parliament Hill. The best experience for Patrick was visiting the Uplands Canadian Forces Base, where he got to sit in the cockpit of a Voodoo fighter jet.

Brenda Browne (Stratford, Ontario)

Brenda shared with us that wearing her School Safety Patrol belt taught her responsibility and to be a good example to younger children. It also helped prepare her for high school. She sent us a copy of her Patrol Membership card from the 1963/64 school year.

William (Bill) Coomber (Waterdown, Ontario)

As a police officer, Bill was in charge of the School Safety Patrol program in Waterdown and attended the Ottawa Jamboree in May 1960. The Patrollers and officers were invited to sit in the gallery of the House of Commons, and met the acting Prime Minister, The Hon. Howard C. Green. Bill says it was a privilege to supervise the program until 1967, and still proudly displays photos of those times on his desk.