School Safety Patrol Events

Being a School Safety Patroller definitely has its perks. There are several events planned for the Patrollers throughout the school year in order to show appreciation for all their hard work and dedication to the program.

School Safety Patrol Movie Days

Did you know that CAA School Safety Patrollers volunteer about 3.45 million hours every school year? So, at the end of the school year, how do we say “thank you” to Patrollers for keeping their friends safe? We take them to the movies!

CAA organizes appreciation movie days at local movie theatres in various communities. It’s a meet-and-greet with local Patrollers and program partners to acknowledge everyone’s contribution in making the CAA School Safety Patrol program a success. Patrollers are treated like VIPs, with a special on-screen show, prizes and concessions. To make the movie day even more special, they often get to see a first-run movie before it hits the theatres!

Meet the CAA Event Crew

Meet the CAA Camp Crew – Leslie Rocha, Danica Logan and Albert Pasceri. Also known as CAA South Central Ontario’s Community Relations Specialists, they run the CAA School Safety Patrol program year-round. You can spot them at Patroller events, training days and, of course, at the annual CAA School Safety Patrol Leadership Camp. This summer, they’ll be sharing photos, providing a glimpse into the CAA Camp experience.

School Safety Patroller Camp

Every year, selected Patrollers are invited to attend the CAA School Safety Patrol Leadership Camp. It’s a long-standing tradition, dating back 45 years. If you attended, we would love to hear about your camp experience!

Read Alumni Stories

During the four-day camp, Patrollers learn special skills and know-how required to become Patrol Captains at their school for the following school year. With the help of local fire services and St. John Ambulance, Patrollers also learn how to extinguish small fires and how to perform basic First Aid.

Of course, it’s not all business – there’s swimming, a carnival and lots of other group activities.