Frequently Asked Questions.

The CAA School Safety Patrol® program works to secure safer school zones across Ontario.

When did CAA start the School Safety Patrol program and why?

The CAA School Safety Patrol program was established in 1929 just as automobiles started to become more common. Back then, CAA took a serious interest and concern for children’s safety in school zones because of the increasing traffic on the roads. It’s a sentiment CAA still holds dear today. 

Do student Patrollers need to wear the CAA School Safety Patrol vest?

Yes. All trained Patrollers are required to wear a lime green reflective vest while on duty. The vest is the Patroller uniform, worn as the top layer of clothing, not only to designate the roles and responsibilities of being a Patroller, but to maintain visibility in school zones.

What grades are eligible to participate?

Students considered for this program must be in grades 5-8 and should be capable of demonstrating responsibility, punctuality, dedication, enthusiasm, self-confidence and leadership.

Is there liability involved in running the CAA School Safety Patrol program at my school?

The CAA School Safety Patrol program has the same risks and liabilities as running any other extra-curricular activities at school. CAA takes the responsibility of protecting children very seriously by continuously auditing the program, updating training materials and working with external organizations such as the Ontario School Boards’ Insurance Exchange (OSBIE), to review and support the program.

What if a Patroller is using their role to bully other kids?

As a part of their CAA School Safety Patrol program training, student Patrollers are the traffic safety ambassadors at their school. They role model proper behaviour and are reminded to treat everyone with courtesy and respect. It is explicit in their training sessions that a Patroller’s role does not involve disciplining or arguing with people who choose to ignore direction – instead they’re trained to simply speak to the Patrol Supervisor at the school to resolve any of these challenges.

Can I change how the CAA School Safety Patrol program is run?

Modifying the program can cause unnecessary risk to students involved and can affect the program’s integrity. The CAA School Safety Patrol Program has over 90 years of proven experience in road safety and children’s safety in school zones. CAA continuously audits the program and training curriculum to ensure it is up-to-date with current safety standards.

Who is able to train the program?

CAA has chosen select police services, busing consortiums and specially trained educators as our exclusive training partners.

What does a student need to do to become a Patroller?

To determine that a student is ready to take on their responsibility as a Patroller, they must complete the practical hands-on training session and pass the Patroller exam with a minimum of 75 percent.

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