School Zone Safety.

The route to school should start with safety.

The bell rings as school starts for the day. It’s a busy time. Excited kids are arriving at school on buses, cars, bikes, skateboards and their own two feet – and when the last bell rings for the day, the process repeats itself again.

The Ontario school population includes over two million students according to the Ministry of Education. It’s easy to see how important safety is with this much movement of both people and vehicles.

That’s why CAA started the CAA School Safety Patrol® program. Through training, student volunteers — called CAA School Safety Patrollers — help keep their peers safe at road crossings near the school and on school buses.

Don't have the CAA School Safety Patrol program?

Here are some additional resources to help keep your school zone safe.

Video Tips.

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Sharing the Road with School Buses.

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Driving Your Kids to School.

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Walking to School.

Teacher Resources.

The Ontario Road Safety Resource is a one-stop shop with free, ready-to-use lesson plans that are activity-based and geared to all age groups.

School Zone Safety Brochure.

No matter how you choose to get to school, download our school zone safety brochure for tips for students and parents.

To find out more about improving road safety around schools, visit

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