Patrol Supervisor Resources.

Patrol Supervisor Resources.

Selecting Patrollers

Recruiting and selecting students to participate in the CAA School Safety Patrol® program is an important responsibility. Future Patrollers should display leadership attributes including self-confidence, punctuality, dedication and enthusiasm when they assume this role. The number of Patrollers will vary between schools and will be determined at the school level. Candidates should be aware that their commitment lasts the entire school year, during warm and cold weather, rain or shine.

Patroller Training and Program Supplies

All new and returning Patrollers must attend training in the fall in order to participate in the CAA School Safety Patrol program and successfully pass a short exam.

CAA develops and publishes all program materials, including training resources and Patroller materials such as handbooks, membership cards and the safety vests worn while on duty. Participating schools work with their training partner to order their program materials.

Regular communication between all program partners allows the program to operate as efficiently as possible.

Patrol Meetings

Patrol meetings led by Patrol Supervisors should be held regularly as an open platform for Patrollers to discuss the challenges, successes and rewards they find in their roles; how to improve the program experience; and how to properly care for program materials.

Patroller Pledge

The Patroller Pledge acts as a reminder of the Patrollers’ commitment to safety in their community. The pledge can be used in training and/or in regular meetings.

Patroller Rewards

Celebrating school-wide and personal successes throughout the year can keep Patrollers motivated to continue their valued volunteer work.

CAA thanks Patrollers for volunteering to be part of our program by offering rewards – like regional movie days in some areas and other incentives. Check with your local trainer to see what we can offer.

Schools can also participate in rewarding their Patrollers such as organizing hot chocolate days, picnics and play days.

Check out some more ways to recognize your hard-working Patrollers:

  • Verbally thank your Patrollers for their hard work — don’t underestimate the power of words to encourage and motivate young minds
  • Create a Safety Patrol bulletin board to acknowledge the patrol team at your school
  • Acknowledge Patrollers during a school assembly
  • Design Patroller classroom/school awards
  • Provide extra privileges for Patrollers
  • Write a note of thanks or a card. Download ready-made cards.
  • Ask Patrollers to read school safety messages for the school’s morning announcements. Download ready-made announcements.
Patroller of the Year

Nominate some of your top Patrollers for the annual CAA School Safety Patroller of the Year Award.

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