Welcome to the Team!

Hey Patrollers!

Being a member of the CAA School Safety Patrol® program means you’ll be the extra set of eyes, ears and helping hands at school crossings and on buses. You’re a leader and a role model who demonstrates road safety in your community.

It’s a responsibility that your parents, guardians, teachers and CAA all know you can take on — and rock it!

Get ready to join a long history of heroes like gold medal hockey players, police chiefs and renowned community leaders that were also Patrollers when they were in school.

Like them, you've got the drive and talent to help keep students safe.


Patroller Pledge

The Patroller Pledge is a handy reference which outlines the expectations for Patrollers and provides a reminder of their responsibilities. Patrollers and their trainers often like to read this out loud during the in-class training sessions as a reminder of what they have learned.

I promise to do my best to:

  • Look, act and be alert
  • Report for duty on time
  • Know and perform my duties faithfully
  • Always set a good example
  • Never stop or direct traffic
  • Strive to prevent injuries
  • Earn the respect of fellow students
  • Report dangerous practices
  • Follow the direction of my teachers and patrol officers


Being a CAA School Safety Patroller Definitely Has Its Perks.

There are several events planned throughout the year to show appreciation and celebrate all the hard work and dedication Patrollers invest in the program.

CAA School Safety Patrol Movie Days
After countless volunteer hours, CAA works with training partners to host various movie days across the province for Patrollers.

Movie days act as a meet-and-greet for Patrollers and program partners to acknowledge how much work it takes to keep school zones and communities safe. Patrollers get the full VIP experience — often including an early screening of an exciting movie, a special big-screen presentation and prizes.

Surprise and Delight Prizes
Often CAA produces some limited-edition prizes — that are unknowingly handed out to Patrollers during or at the end of the school year as a surprise and delight experience.

Funding Local Events
To encourage our training partners to host a local reward for their Patrollers, CAA often subsidizes local events. A carnival in the park, celebratory pizza party and coupons for free treats are all very popular with Patrollers.

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