What is the CAA School Safety Patrol® Program?

Why is CAA Involved?

Since the early 1900s, when the invention of the automobile made roads busier, CAA has been taking action to prevent children from being injured on their way to and from school.

A steady increase in traffic in and around schools means the CAA School Safety Patrol program is more relevant than ever.

CAA believes in giving valuable and practical traffic safety skills to local communities. The CAA School Safety Patrol program is just one of the many ways CAA commits to community action and awareness around road safety.

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The CAA School Safety Patrol program ("SSP") works 
to secure safer school zones across Ontario.

Each year, approximately 20,000 student volunteers are trained to become CAA School Safety Patrollers by local CAA-approved training partners.

CAA School Safety Patrollers are taught to model and encourage safe behaviour among fellow students and within their greater communities.

The program trains two types of Patrollers:

Over the years, we’ve found that all our young Patrollers benefit from the responsibilities they are given in the program.

While most students will never need to put their emergency training to use, they gain many valuable skills that help them become more engaged not only as students, but also as members of their local communities.

Participating schools receive materials and supplies to provide extra safety measures while building positive collaborative relationships between students and community members.

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