Partners and Roles.

CAA has a legacy of delivering outstanding road safety initiatives in Ontario.

The success of the CAA School Safety Patrol® program rests on diverse and powerful partnerships between CAA, police services, school boards, bus drivers and consortia, teachers, parents and the dedicated student volunteers. Each partner has a specific role and responsibility, and it’s this approach that has allowed the program to grow and deliver amazing results.

CAA develops and publishes all program materials, including training resources and Patroller materials such as handbooks, membership cards and the safety vests worn while on duty. In addition to regularly liaising with program partners, CAA also ensures schools adhere to program standards with ongoing audits.

Schools grant permission for the program implementation and appoint one teacher as the Patrol Supervisor to lead the program.

Police services and bus consortia deliver the CAA School Safety Patrol program training and materials to students and ensure all criteria are met through ongoing conversations with schools and CAA during the year.

Parents and guardians agree to encourage and support school safety by signing a school permission form for their child to participate in the CAA School Safety Patrol program.

CAA School Safety Patrollers work with Patrol Supervisors and bus drivers to keep fellow students safe when crossing the road and when getting on and off school buses throughout the year, ensuring the rules outlined in their training are being upheld to the best of their abilities.

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