Welcome Parents and Guardians.


When your child signs up for the CAA School Safety Patrol program, they will learn and grow, not only as a Patroller, but as a student and valued community member.

Being a part of this team is an honour and a privilege that allows your child to deepen their understanding of pedestrian and traffic safety issues, while providing a sense of responsibility and leadership.

Patrollers wear a bright lime green vest as their uniform, which has been designed with safety and visibility in mind. Their duties are usually required for a short period of time before and/or after school. A comprehensive training program ensures Safety Patrollers know what to do when on duty, with adult supervision always nearby. CAA takes the safety of children and pedestrians very seriously. That’s why we work very closely with teachers, police, bus companies and community groups and regularly audit the program.

See open letter to Patroller parents and caregivers.

A Thank-You to Patrollers

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Tips to support your School Safety Patroller.

How to support your CAA School Safety Patroller:

  • Introduce yourself to your child’s CAA School Safety Patrol Supervisor
  • Talk to your child about their new and ongoing responsibilities
  • Ask your child to explain and demonstrate what they have learned in their training
  • Learn how you can help plan and volunteer for CAA School Safety Patrol® activities
  • Attend student recognition ceremonies and events

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