Welcome parents & guardians

We’re delighted to hear that your child is interested in, or has been selected to be part of, the CAA School Safety Patrol Program in Ontario.

CAA began the School Safety Patrol Program back in the 1920s, so it’s possible you might have been a Patroller yourself. The program is open to elementary school students, 11-14 years of age, on a volunteer basis.

CAA supports the CAA School Safety Patrol Program by providing patrol equipment/uniforms, training materials  for students, and incentives. All Patrollers participate in safety patrol training and wear reflective vests when on duty to keep them safe and visible. Their duties are usually required for a short period of time, generally before and/or after school.

Being a member of the CAA School Safety Patrol team is an honour and a privilege – it’s like an exclusive club.  With your support, your child will grow as a Patroller. Besides deepening their understanding of pedestrian and traffic safety issues, we often find students develop their self-confidence, sense of responsibility and leadership.

It is our goal that your son or daughter will be able to learn, grow and have fun while participating in the CAA School Safety Patrol Program.  We’re confident they are going to have a fantastic experience.

Tips to support your School Safety Patroller:

  • Get to know your child’s School Safety Patrol  Supervisor
  • Talk to your child about their patrol responsibilities
  • Ask your child to demonstrate what they have learned in their patrol training
  • Talk to the Patrol Supervisor and ask about fundraising opportunities, should they exist
  • Help plan or volunteer for Safety Patrol activities
  • Attend student recognition ceremonies and Patroller events

We’ve added some links below for you to learn even more about the CAA School Safety Patrol Program.

Thank you for your interest in helping us keep kids safe in school zones.